Naming ‘Problem Drinkers’

The Janesville Gazette, a Wisconsin newspaper, set off quite a furor when it published a list of “problem drinkers” distributed by the Janesville police to bar owners with a warning that those named shouldn’t be served. The police did not intend for the list to be made public, and the newspaper’s decision prompted a debate about the ethics of the actions by both the police and the newspaper.

You can read about it here. Then take our poll and tell us who you think is right.


1 thought on “Naming ‘Problem Drinkers’

  1. I believe the newspaper was totally wrong here… It’s okay for bar holders to share information about some customers who create trouble, but to expose them in public??? Are we back in Medieval times? Actually I’m not even sure if the police should interfer here… Bar owners usually can handle these things themselves!

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