Ethical Outrage!

I didn’t set up this website for this kind of thing, but it is so outrageous I had to post it here. Stealing a baseball from a kid has to go down as an ethical crime. Be sure to watch the video long enough to see the replay, which shows more clearly exactly how it went down.


1 thought on “Ethical Outrage!

  1. Mark, that was outrageous. And the lady high-fived the guy next to her like it was nothing! A similar thing happened to me, albeit I was 20 at the time. I caught a foul ball in Baltimore and some guy sitting next to me asked if he could see the ball. I showed it to him and he grabbed it and took off running back into the stadium. I was too slow to chase after him but our section usher did and all the way out of the ball park. Caught him in the parking lot and retrieved my ball! There is some good in the world. Thanks. Brian

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