10 White Lies Readers Won’t Tell: Our Unscientific Survey Results

We’ve tallied the answers in in our survey on whether—and just when—it’s okay to tell a lie. I was surprised by some of the results and think you may be, too.
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When To Squeal on the Boss

One common but difficult ethical dilemma is the “when to tell” problem. When you see someone engage in unethical behavior, it’s sometimes hard to know how to respond.
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A Middle Manager’s Ethical Dilemma

One of the things Talking Ethics aims to do is grapple with readers’ real ethical problems. In most cases, I’ll offer my thoughts and then open the floor to everyone else. But until we build an audience, we’ll have to come up with our own questions. Let’s start with a hypothetical situation, a composite pieced together from real events to provide food for thought…and debate.
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