Ethics Quiz: Fudging an Application

Ethical dilemmas aren’t limited to big issues of life and death, corruption, or serious cheating. They come at us in all kinds of ways, large and small, with surprising frequency. This week, we’ll look at five relatively common “everyday ethics” problems, presenting one each day. Think them over, decide what you believe is the best course of action, and then compare your views with mine by clicking on the link below the poll. Be sure to comment if you disagree. Here’s today’s problem:

My daughter is dying to join a library-sponsored creative writing club for grades 7 through 10. In fact, she’s in the 6th grade, but she’s an advanced reader and writes constantly (she’s working on a novel now). I know she can keep up with the other kids in the group and it would be a terrific opportunity for her. What’s really so bad about pretending she’s in the 7th grade instead of the 6th?

Click here to read Mark’s view.

Click here to read Mark’s view.


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